• October is our Farley Foundation Fundraiser Month!

    Oct 08 2015

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    All October long is Farley Month, we had our BBQ and Bake Sale on October 3rd and raised over $1200! During the rest of October we are hosting a raffle…

  • Heartworm, flea, and tick prevention options.

    Apr 23 2015

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    With the return of the nice weather and the end (finally) of winter, our thoughts turn to protecting our furry friends from parasites. The big three for Niagara would be…

  • It’s that Heartworm time of year again

    Mar 25 2015

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    With spring on its way the time has once again come to bring our dogs in for their annual heartworm testing and prevention. Last year there was an increase of…

  • Tick Borne Disease and Heartworm Return with Warm Weather

    Mar 18 2015

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    With the melting snow and rising temperatures we will all be getting outside after the long winter. It is important to remember this spring that anytime the temperatures are between…

  • Purina Beneful pet food safety concerns.

    Mar 09 2015

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    Recently in the news a lawsuit was filed against Purina in regards to their Purina Beneful line of pet food. In the link below please find some useful information on…

  • Animal Health Services Says Goodbye

    Mar 04 2015

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    With much joy and some sadness we at Animal Health Services have said goodbye to our long standing technologist Debbie Richards this week. After an outstanding career of 37 years with Animal…

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    Benji, the Pampered Pooch, Part II

    Nov 19 2014

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    Benji is an adorable 8 1/2 year old diabetic dog who owes his very existence to his vigilant and dedicated owner Carole. Benji has had his ups and downs with…

  • New Lease on Life

    Nov 19 2014

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    Minou is an amazing 15 year old DSH with an endearing personality. He was recently adopted by some friends of his previous owner, when medical problems prevented his owner from keeping…

  • Tanya: Pet of the Week

    Jun 03 2014

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    This sweet little girl, Tanya, was presented for straining to urinate, and blood in the urine. Xrays revealed one solitary stone occupying the entire bladder. Tanya was one of the…

  • Living Proof!!

    Apr 02 2014

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    Dogs and cats can actually get along very well, and this adorable picture of Moochy and Hayden is proof of that. It is not uncommon for dogs and cats to become…