Mar 04 2015

Animal Health Services Says Goodbye

With much joy and some sadness we at Animal Health Services have said goodbye to our long standing technologist Debbie Richards this week. After an outstanding career of 37 years with Animal Health Services that began under Dr. Carl and Dr. Anne Croy in 1978, Debbie has started the next chapter of her life. It is no exaggeration to say that Debbie shaped and supported the clinic from the very beginning and one can only imagine what would have happened without her, thankfully we don’t have to. Debbie told us that she is going to miss every client and of course our wonderful patients, but she will still be involved in the community working with animals and we will all be in her thoughts. So we wish Debbie a VERY HAPPY Retirement, she’s earned it and we wish her all the very best that life has to offer, congratulations, we all love you, and we all miss you, sincerely Mike, Amanda, Sara, and Dr. M. Toles.

If anyone would like to share a personal story about Debbie feel free to comment here (or on facebook).

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2 thoughts on “Animal Health Services Says Goodbye”

  1. Kathy Garratt says:

    Good luck as you start this next chapter , you were a great asset to the clinic and all of our Fur babies who walked through those doors 🙂
    The Garratt Family

  2. Bob van Heuven says:

    Animal Health Services will certainly miss the presence of Debbie. I have known Deb for the past 25 years and during that time she has spent countless hours talking with me of what is clearly her life’s passion…animals. I have always been impressed with her intelligence and drive to research answers to questions she may have (please don’t tell her I said so) :-), especially if some unknown was standing in the way of helping an animal. She would tell me of the animals at work they had been able to help, from routine cases to sharing the triumph of helping heal difficult cases and the smile on her face told how much she cares and enjoys that. She would tell me of the animals that would succumb to disease or injury, that they could not help in the end, and the tears rolling down her cheeks told how much she cares, while she struggled to accept the fact that sometimes the animals would pass away. I have seen her agonize and mourn over the loss of her own pets over time, yet today, she still smiles and laughs as she recalls memories of them all, the impact and special place each of them has in her heart. I have seen the devilish sparkle in her eye and the smiles and laughter as she enjoys spending time fussing over, playing with, teasing and cuddling her current pets, and pets of others as well. Truly, Deb is lucky that she was able to work for so long at what was her greatest interest and life’s passion, a gift not many of us can lay claim to. She always gave her very best, as no task was too trivial when it meant in the end an animal could be helped. I know her passion will not let her just stop being involved with animals in her retirement. She will continue to love and care for them all, and continue to strive to learn more about their health and well-being. But, now retired, she will be able to spend even more time with her furry friends and I know that is one of the many pleasures of retirement that she will be looking forward to enjoying the most. Well done Deb! Enjoy a long and happy retirement!

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