Jan 03 2014

In Memory of Blizzard

Certain cases stand out in the lives of those who work in the veterinary profession, and this adorable Siberian Husky was ours. Blizzard was found by the Lincoln County Humane Society in Dec of 1999, along with another dog in even worse condition. Both dogs were emaciated, starving and tied to a chain. Blizzard had weak femoral pulses, no body fat and significant muscle wasting. Once stabilized, she was transferred back to the Lincoln County Humane Society for further rehabilitation, while a new home was sought for her. Siberian Huskies are a unique breed, so it was with great joy and relief when one of our longest standing clients, who had previously owned Siberians, came forward to adopt her. This adorable, good natured dog, who lived the first four years of her life in abject misery, was able to live out the remaining 13 years of her life in the lap of luxury, surrounded by the most loving and caring family a dog could ever hope for. It is on this anniversary of her passing, that we pause to remember a great dog, and her wonderful and dedicated owners.

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