Dec 04 2013

Alaska’s Testimonial

A few months ago we saw our 8 and a half year old Rottie girl, Alaska, starting to act old. We thought well…she is old. She was miserable to her baby brother, did not want to play as much, her eyes looked dull, and her energy disappeared. She couldn’t keep up on the walks which were about an hour long. She started to limp, favoring her right paw, and there was the odd yelp of pain. She had a hard time climbing just three stairs to get in the house, and then she decided to not walk.

She hated how she felt, you could easily tell. We took her to Dr.Toles, whom ran tests and did x-rays. Dr.Toles discovered that Alaska has arthritis. She then suggested that we change the dog food to J/D (it helps with mobility). In a week or two we were starting to see Alaska be more agile.

          After a few more tests, because of Alaska’s existing Thyroid issue, the doctor found the appropriate pain relief medication for her; Metacam, which helps alleviate inflammation.

          Oh my God! We have our baby girl back finally!  When we come home now, she spins in circles in excitement, she runs up and down the stairs, jumps on the couch and the bed—which we’re more than happy to share—which she has not done in months. She’s back to going for her walks and she is the leader! She chases squirrels and cats again; no yelping, no hesitation.

          She is positively filled to the brim with energy again. Now she is spunky and more than active! My 8 and a half year old has turned into a 2 and a half year old again! You can look into her clear, bright eyes and see how happy and healthy she is. Her tail never stops wagging! We cannot believe the difference—all thanks to the proper food and the proper pain relief medication and Dr.Toles! Our 8 and a half year old now rules the roost and even puts her 2 and a half year old brother back in his place.

 Thank-you Dr.Toles and the staff from Animal Health Services.


Heather Ford, Alaska, and her family!

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