Nov 14 2013

Loveable Lucy

Lucy the Bassett hound is one of the sweetest dogs ever to cross the threshold of Animal Health Services in St. Catharines. Lucy was recently diagnosed with a complex hormonal condition called Cushings Disease (or hyperadrenocorticism). Cushings is caused by an overactive adrenal gland that pumps too many steroids and other hormones into the bloodstream. It occurs commonly in dogs, but is rare in cats. Symptoms include hair loss, pot bellied appearance, increased appetite and increased drinking and urination (known as polyuria/polydypsia). By weakening the immune system, Cushings can make animals more vulnerable to other diseases and bacterial infections, and it can cause fatigue and exercise intolerance. Numerous blood tests are necessary to diagnose this condition, and treatment is lifelong oral medication. Lucy’s owners have been instrumental in getting her the care she needs, going above and beyond for this adorable dog. She has shown signs of improvement, and we continue to monitor her progress.

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One thought on “Loveable Lucy”

  1. Paul Crowther says:

    She is a great Dog

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