Sep 06 2013

Fundraise for Farley


What is the Farley Foundation?  The Farley Foundation is a charitable organization founded by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association in 2001 to help seniors, women at risk of abuse, and disabled persons on limited incomes when their pets require veterinary attention, and they cannot afford treatment.

Why is the Farley Foundation Necessary?  Pets are important to the health and well-being of their owners. This is particularly true for the elderly or persons with disabilities who depend heavily on their pets for companionship. That’s why the Farley Foundation provides funding for veterinary services to these people who cannot afford such treatment.

Who is Farley? Farley is the cartoon dog developed by Canadian artist/cartoonist Lynn Johnston in her syndicated comic strip and TV show, “FOR BETTER OR WORSE”. The name of the Farley Foundation is a tribute to this sheepdog who eventually died in the comic strip while attempting to save her master’s daughter who had fallen into a ravine.

How Can You Help? Your donation to the Farley Foundation will help animals obtain the medical care they need and help give peace of mind to the seniors and disable persons who own these pets. The Farley Founation is a Registered Charity.

During the month of October, Animal Health Services has many gifts being raffled off, as well as many items for purchase.  Come join us!!

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